ODM/EMS Management

Unfreeze represent and manage you interests at your selected factory, being ODM, EMS or jointly selected partners. Our mission focus to optimize the relation to attain the best win-win situation on a reliable production.


Unfreeze can help you select your factory and setup your lines, and assist NPI:

  • Factory Sourcing
  • Factory Selection
  • Production Line Design (SOP)
  • Test Line Design
  • QA Software Development
  • Pilot Runs (EVT, PVT)
  • Contract Term Negociation


Continuous Operation

When the factory relation is built, unfreeze can help you operate the relation.

  • Factory relations
  • PO / Forecast Management
  • Factory Audits
  • Factory Support
  • Line Upgrade
  • Engineering Changes
  • Rework Operations

Incident Recovery

Unfreeze also help handle potential incident with manufacturing or relations:

  • Product Complains
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Debug
  • 8D Reports
  • Corrective Action Plan
  • Supply Chain Issue
  • Factory Replacement