Global Manufacturing

Today's work is global, Unfreeze can help organize your manufacturing and supply chain globally to optimize your costs.


Unfreeze can help you assess your needs and your potential gains setting up a global manufacturing line

  • China Manufacturing
  • South East Asia Manufacturing
  • Logistic Cost Evaluation
  • Import Taxes Assessment
  • Country Selection
  • Security Evaluation


Once the project is properly assessed, we will help you initiate the process of global manufacturing:

  • Final Step¬†Country Selection¬†
  • Multi Country Line Setup
  • Multi-Kit Product line Design
  • Logisitcs Flow Setup
  • Operating Procedure Specification
  • Initial Line Startup


After setup is complete, Unfreeze deliver services to operate globalized manufacturing lines:

  • Purchase Order Management
  • Global Supply Chain Management
  • Material Pulling
  • Duty/Import Tax Optimization
  • Reverse Supply Chain