Software / Firmware Development

Unfreeze provides a wide range of embedded software development services, including architecture development, API creation, firmware integration, drivers for various systems, and related software. All our development are made with the global project integration in mind.

Architecture Consulting

A stable and robust architecture is the keystone of every successful tech-project, we can help you with:

  • Distributed IoT Devices
  • Data Aquisition Architecture
  • Distributed Communication Protocol
  • Sensor Networks
  • Development Infrastructure
  • Database System Architecture
  • API Specification and Definition

Platform Development

Complex embedded application often require more than simple firmware to run. Unfreeze provide full platform development including:

  • Linux BSP Devolopment
  • Android System Integration
  • System Upgrade and Recovery
  • Upgrade Servers
  • OTA deployment
  • Remote Failure Recovery Systems
  • System Security Assessment

Firmware Development

We have a long experience bringing up complex design to life on various embedded architectures. We can help you with:

  • Firmware Architecture and Design
  • Bare metal firmware development
  • Board bring up services
  • Test firmware development
  • Full upgrade/recovery systems
  • Device driver for Linux/Windows/MacOS
  • Multi-Language APIs 


At Unfreeze, we take our customer core needs seriously: All our developments become the customer IP.